Monday, May 20, 2013

Alsea Falls permanent photos. Who says it's all hard work and no play?

Theo in chic sartorial splendor at Alsea Mercantile

Just one of Asta's many creative naps

Asta's ice cream and salt shaker carefully arranged on filthy walkway

Classic Miss Larson attempting to fulfill two competing imperatives at control.

Author in silly mode

 Miss Larson in silly mode

The Jewel in the Crown RUSA Permanent Populaire 1967

 Newbie blogger failed to make correct links on last post.

This is a beautiful ride through bucolic farmland and uninhabited countryside.  It enjoys a significant climb over Wolf Creek Road.  Beware of log truck and other semi's on weekdays.  They travel at speed on Territorial Road which has poor pavement and no shoulder.  It is extremely dangerous to do this route on weekdays. 

Here are the cue sheet and map. 

Jewel Cue Sheet